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Ajmer Province (1947 - 1950)
Ajmer State (1950 - 1956)
State of India

Location of Ajmer
1951 map of India. Ajmer State is shown in red, in the centre of Rajasthan.
 •  Independence of India 1947
 •  States Reorganisation Act 1956
 •  1881 7,021 km2 (2,711 sq mi)
 •  1881 460,722 
Density 65.6 /km2  (170 /sq mi)

Ajmer State was a separate State within the Union of India from 1950 to 1956 with Ajmer as its capital.[1] Ajmer State was formed in 1950 out of the territory of former province of Ajmer-Merwara, which became a province of the Indian Union on 15 August 1947. It formed an enclave within the state of Rajasthan. Following the States Reorganisation Act in 1956 it was merged with Rajasthan.[2]


A 1909 map of Rajputana, showing Ajmer-Merwara as separate territory

Ajmer State was formed out of territory of Ajmer-Merwara, which was a British controlled province during British India. The territory of Ajmer-Merwara had been purchased by British from the Marathas in 1818. Upon the independence of India, Ajmer-Merwara became a province of the Union of India.

It was a Province till it was established as a Class "C" State, named Ajmer State, on 26 January 1950 within Republic of India. Class "C" States were under direct rule of Central Government.[1]


In 1956, when India's state boundaries were reorganised, it became a district of the then Rajasthan state.[1][3] Ajmer state was merged into Rajasthan state on November 1, 1956. Kishangarh sub-division of erstwhile Jaipur district was added to it to form Ajmer district[4]


  1. Shankar Prasada, became its first Chief Commissioner from 1947 to 1948
  2. Chandrakant Balwantrao Nagarkar was Chief Commissioner from 1948 to 1951[1]
  3. Anand Dattahaya Pandit, Chief Commissioner from 1952 to March 1954[1]
  4. M.K. Kripalani, Chief Commissioner from March 1954 to 31 October 1956[1]

Chief Minister[edit]

Haribhau Upadhyaya was the first and last Chief Minister of Ajmer State from 1952 till 1956.[1]

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Coordinates: 26°27′N 74°38′E / 26.45°N 74.64°E / 26.45; 74.64