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Ak Welsapar
Ak Welsapar 2007
Ak Welsapar 2007
Born (1956-09-19) September 19, 1956 (age 62)
Mary, Turkmenistan
OccupationWriter, journalist
NationalitySweden Turkmenistan
GenreProse, poetry

Ak Welsapar (Russian: Ак Вельсапар; born September 19, 1956) is a Swedish-Turkmen journalist and writer. Ak Welsapar writes in Turkmen, Russian and Swedish, and is the author of more than 20 books and his books have come out in many languages.[1] The American journal, The World Literature Today in its review of this book wrote: “Cobra is a must for all specialists of Central Asia and a great read for anyone interested in the psychology of despots.”[2] This was followed by the release in English of his novel The Tale of Aypi.


Welsapar was awarded the Ukrainian literary prize "Triumf" named after Nikolai Gogol for his novel The Emerald Shore (2014).[3]


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  • 2018 - The Revenge of the Foxes (in English). Novel. Translated by Richard Govett. London: Glagoslav Publication, ISBN 1912894122, 9781912894123


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