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Empty-handed aka

Aka are pre-arranged sets of movement or forms in the Burmese martial arts. They serve as a straightforward way of passing down all of a style's techniques unto the student. They can be practiced as a form of physical conditioning, to develop muscle memory, or demonstrated as part of a public performance.

Aka in Hanthawaddy Bando[edit]

The Hanthawaddy style contains nine basic forms and nine animal forms, as well as several weapon forms.

Basic forms[edit]

Tiger form
  1. Point form (Protecting the territory)
  2. Square form (Defensive stepping)
  3. Cross form (Balance and movement)
  4. T-form (Counter-attack)
  5. Triangle form (Deceptive defense)
  6. Circle form (Evasive defense)
  7. Points star form (Salutation to nature/night)
  8. Sun form (Salutation to the sun)
  9. Line form (Salutation to warrior monks)

Animal forms[edit]

Eagle form
  • Boar
  • Bull
  • Cobra: The cobra form emphasizes lightning quick strikes similar to the strikes of a cobra.
  • Eagle: The eagle form resembles an eagle in flight by using varying angles and types of attack.
  • Panther
  • Python
  • Scorpion
  • Tiger
  • Viper

Weapon forms[edit]

Four Winds stick form
  • Long stick: Four Winds, Four Corners, Horseman, Pilgrim staff
  • Medium stick and short stick
  • Staff: Mandalay staff, Min dha, Monk dha
  • Animal staff: Cobra, Tiger, Boar, Eagle

See also[edit]

See also[edit]


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