Akademia Nauk (volcano)

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Akademia Nauk
Akademia nauk.jpg
The scenic lake-filled Akademia Nauk caldera, seen here from the north with Karymsky volcano in the foreground.
Highest point
Elevation 1,180 m (3,870 ft) [1]
Coordinates 53°59′N 159°27′E / 53.983°N 159.450°E / 53.983; 159.450Coordinates: 53°59′N 159°27′E / 53.983°N 159.450°E / 53.983; 159.450[1]
Akademia Nauk is located in Far Eastern Federal District
Akademia Nauk
Akademia Nauk
Age of rock 12
Mountain type Caldera / Stratovolcanoes
Last eruption January 1996[1]

Akademia Nauk (Russian: Академия Наук - Academy of Sciences) is a volcano located in the southern part of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. The volcano is filled with a few calderas, and the most notable one is known as Karymsky Lake ( named after Karyms).

The volcano is named after the Росси́йская Акаде́мия Нау́к, the Russian (Soviet) Academy of Sciences.

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