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Akal Security, Inc.
Founder Daya S. Khalsa
Gurutej Khalsa
Headquarters 7 Infinity Loop
Espanola, NM
, United States
Key people
Nirmal Kaur Khalsa
Daya S. Khalsa
(President and founder)
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Coastal International Security
Website www.akalsecurity.com

Akal Security, Inc. is a security company which has federal contracts to guard immigration detention centers, federal courthouses, NASA facilities, federal buildings in Washington, D.C., and numerous embassies under construction.[2] Akal Security and a subsidiary company, Coastal International Security, have received over $1 billion in federal security contracts.[2]


Akal Security, Inc. was founded in 1980 after Daniel Kohn, a white American convert to 3HO, which is a cult that proclaims to be Sikh but practices Hindu rituals, found that, although he had some experience in law enforcement, "his beard and turban prevented him from getting a job".[1] The company was started with a $1,200 loan from one of its founders.[3] Akal Security is one of a number of companies run by followers of the Sikh Dharma sangat.[1]

Akal Security had a large expansion in contracts after the September 11th attacks because it was able to recruit a large number of former law enforcement and military personnel.[4] According to the New York Times, the company has benefited from the Army's low-price approach to determining contracts because Akal Security has low overhead and good past performances.[1]


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