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Stockholm metro station
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Coordinates 59°24′52″N 17°54′52″E / 59.41444°N 17.91444°E / 59.41444; 17.91444Coordinates: 59°24′52″N 17°54′52″E / 59.41444°N 17.91444°E / 59.41444; 17.91444
Owned by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
Platforms Island platform
Structure type Underground
Opened 1977
Preceding station   Stockholm metro   Following station
T11 line Terminus
Akalla Tunnelbana.png

Akalla is a station in the Stockholm metro in the Akalla district of Stockholm. The station was opened in 1977, and this is the final stop on Line 11 of the Blue Line.

As part of Art in the Stockholm metro project, the station features an ochre colored grotto. The work includes ceramic pictures illustrating the ideals, daily life, leisure and work of all people, created by Birgit Ståhl-Nyberg in 1977.[1]


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