Akamatsu clan

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Akamatsu.
Akamatsu clan
Akamatsu mon.png
Emblem (mon) of the Akamatsu clan
Home province Harima
Parent house Murakami-Genji (Minamoto clan)
Titles Various
Cadet branches Shinmen clan

Akamatsu clan (赤松氏 Akamatsu-shi?) is a Japanese samurai family of direct descent from Minamoto no Morifusa of the Murakami-Genji.[1]


They were prominent shugo-daimyō in Harima during the Sengoku period.

During the Ōnin no ran (1467-1477), Akamatsu Masanori was one of the chief generals of the Hosokawa clan.[2]

The head of the clan at Shizuoka in Suruga Province became a kazoku baron in 1887.[1]

The Shinmen clan were a branch of the Akamatsu.[3]

Select members of the clan[edit]

Akamatsu grave markers at Harima

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