Akarius Fitz Bardolph

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Akarius Fitz Bardolph, Lord of Ravensworth, was the son of Bardolph an 11th-century nobleman living in Richmondshire, the area encompassing the Ure, Tees and Swale valleys in northern England. He was a sub-feudatory of Alan, Earl of Richmond.[1] Akarius gave land at Fors in Wharfedale for the founding of a monastery in 1145. He died in 1161 and in 1165 his son, Harveus fitz Akarius, consented to the abbey being relocated to its permanent site.[2] The abbey was relocated to the valley of the River Ure (alternatively Jore, Yore) and was renamed the Abbey of Yore vale, which became Jervaulx Abbey. Akarius had a second son named Walter.

The family of Fitz Hugh, Lords of Ravensworth, is descended from Akarius Fitz Bardolph.[3]


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