Ntcham language

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Native toTogo, Ghana
Native speakers
280,000 (2004–2012)[1]
Latin (Basari alphabet)
Basari Braille
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
bud – Ntcham
aks – Akaselem

Ntcham, or Basari, is a language of the Gurma people in Togo and Ghana. Akaselem (Tchamba) is frequently listed as a separate language.

Writing System[edit]

Ntcham Alphabet
Majuscules A B C D EE F G GB I J K KP L
Minuscules a b c d ee f g gb i j k kp l
Majuscules M N NY Ŋ ŊM OO Ɔ P S T U W Y
Minuscules m n ny ŋ ŋm oo ɔ p s t u w y

Long vowels are indicated by doubling the letter ‹aa, ii, ɔɔ, uu› and two vowels are always long ‹ee, oo›. The tones are represented by acute accents for high tone and grave accents for low tone, on the vowels and the consonants m, n, b, l : ‹ḿ, ń, b́, ĺ›, ‹m̀, ǹ, b̀, l̀›.


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