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Akash Ganga is the 14 member Sky diving team of the Indian Air Force. It was created in August 1987.[1][2] Akash Ganga can be roughly translated in Hindi as "The Ganga of the sky", it's an ancient Hindi name for the milky way as viewed from the Earth.


Its genesis can be traced to the early 1970s when defence personnel tried to hone their aerial assault techniques for wartime operations. The practice soon evolved into a peace time adventure sports and it was in 1987 that the IAF launched Akash Ganga at the Air Force Station Agra.[3]

The Akashganga Air Force team comprises the most dedicated, skillful and daredevil Para Instructors of the Paratroopers Training School. The enthusiasm and experience the instructors at Paratroop Training School (PTS) have gained in sky diving since its inception resulted in formation of the Sky Diving team for demonstration jumps. [4][5]