Akash Kusum

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Akash Kusum, Up in the Clouds
Directed by Mrinal Sen
Produced by Purbachal Film Productions
Written by Ashish Barman
Starring Soumitra Chatterjee
Aparna Sen
Subhendu Chatterjee
Music by Sudhin Dasgupta
Cinematography Sailaja Chatterjee
Release date
Country India
Language Bengali

Akash Kusum was a 1965 Bengali film directed by noted Indian parallel film director Mrinal Sen.


It is the story of the longings of a middle class executive to rise in stature and greater social acceptability. The young man still trying to find a place in the corporate world puts up an innocent bluff to a young girl he chances upon. His deception increases till they become disastrous for him, and for their relationship.


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