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Akashi Castle

The Akashi Domain (明石藩 Akashi-han?) was a feudal domain of Japan. It occupied Akashi District (the present-day city of Akashi) and surroundings in Harima Province. Fudai and Shimpan daimyo were assigned, and frequently reassigned, to Akashi. The domain had its administrative headquarters at Akashi Castle.

Akashi was established in 1617 when Ikeda Mitsumasa was transferred from the Himeji to the Tottori Domain. Himeji was split, and one piece became the Akashi Domain.


Seventeen daimyo ruled Akashi:

  1. Ogasawara Tadazane
  2. Matsudaira (Toda) Yasunao
  3. Matsudaira (Toda) Mitsushige
  4. Ōkubo Tadamoto
  5. Matsudaira (Fujii) Tadakuni
  6. Matsudaira (Fujii) Nobuyuki
  7. Honda Masatoshi
  8. Matsudaira (Echizen) Naoakira
  9. Matsudaira (Echizen) Naotsune
  10. Matsudaira (Echizen) Naosumi
  11. Matsudaira (Echizen) Naohiro
  12. Matsudaira (Echizen) Naoyuki
  13. Matsudaira (Echizen) Naochika
  14. Matsudaira (Echizen) Naritsugu
  15. Matsudaira (Echizen) Narikoto
  16. Matsudaira (Echizen) Yoshinori
  17. Matsudaira (Echizen) Naomune


This article incorporates material from 明石藩 (Akashi-han) in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved October 4, 2007.