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This is a list of attractions in Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay.

Roller coasters[edit]

Ride Year Opened Notes Section
Scorpion 1980 A steel Schwarzkopf-designed sit-down roller coaster with one vertical loop. It is Busch Gardens's oldest roller coaster still standing. Pantopia
Kumba 1993 A 143-foot-tall (44 m) Bolliger & Mabillard steel sit-down roller coaster with seven inversions. It has received a #7 Golden Ticket Awards ranking. Congo
Montu 1996 A 150-foot-tall (46 m) Bolliger & Mabillard steel inverted roller coaster with seven inversions. It has received a #3 Golden Ticket Awards ranking. Egypt
Sand Serpent 2004 A steel MACK Rides wild mouse roller coaster originally from sister park Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia. This coaster is formerly known as Cheetah Chase. Pantopia
SheiKra 2005 A 200-foot-tall (61 m) Bolliger & Mabillard floorless dive roller coaster with a 90-degree vertical drop. It was the first roller coaster of its kind in the United States, and is also the tallest roller coaster in Florida. It has received a #13 Golden Ticket Awards ranking. Stanleyville
Air Grover 2010 A single train children's roller coaster with magnetic brakes. Sesame Street Safari of Fun
Cheetah Hunt 2011 Cheetah Hunt, which is paired with an animal encounter called Cheetah Run, is Busch Gardens' first launch coaster, immediately propelling riders from 0 to 60 mph. The ride features three separate launch points throughout the 4,429-foot (1,350 m) track, and includes a 130-foot (40 m) drop and races across a faux Serengeti plain and through a man-made canyon. The layout also includes a mid-ride parabola that gives riders the sensation of weightlessness for three seconds. Crown Colony Plaza
Iron Gwazi 2017 Iron Gwazi Is a future RMC coaster being placed where gwazi stands today. Some time in the near future, workers at Busch Gardens will begin removing the track from gwazi. The coaster will be renovated to have 4 inversions per track and an all new ride experience unlike any other.(this information was recently obtained from a private interview with several Busch Gardens employees)

Water rides[edit]

Ride Year Opened Notes Section
Stanley Falls Flume 1973 A log flume with a 43-foot (13 m) drop. Stanleyville
Congo River Rapids 1982 A water ride that simulates raging whitewater rapids. Congo
Tanganyika Tidal Wave 1989 A 20-passenger shoot the chutes water ride with a 55-foot (17 m) drop. Replaced the African Queen Boat ride, of which some of the scenery is still in place. Stanleyville

Other rides and attractions[edit]

Ride Year Opened Notes Section
Serengeti Express 1971 A two-mile (3 km) railroad journey on replica steam trains that traverses the Serengeti Plain. It originally only stopped in Nairobi, but added stations in Congo and Stanleyville after those lands were added to the park. N/A
Skyride 1974 A ride that transports guests from the Crown Colony section to the Stanleyville section. It has a middle station where the ride makes over a 90 degree turn that guests are not allowed to disembark from. Crown Colony/Stanlyville
Ubanga-Banga Bumper Cars 1977 A standard bumper cars ride. Congo
Carousel Caravan 1979 A carousel. Pantopia
Phoenix 1984 A swinging boat ride that goes completely upside down. It is themed like an Egyptian cargo vessel. Pantopia
Gwazi Gliders 2001 A hang glider flat ride for children. Children push and pull bars to raise and lower their gliders. Bird Gardens
Jungle Flyers 2008 Three pairs of zip lines with single person suspended vehicles themed like hang gliders. The cables at the loading area raised and lowered to allow the vehicle to leave and then return to the station. Jungala
Wild Surge 2008 A Moser "Spring Ride" family bounce tower ride. A faux rock structure goes around the ride that guests can ascend allowing them to view the ride from above. Jungala
Rosita's Djembe Fly-Away 2010 A swing ride. It has the smallest height restriction in the park as children over 44" may not ride. Sesame Street Safari of Fun


Show Year Opened Notes Section
Critter Castaways 2007 A show featuring familiar pets and exotic creatures with almost 80 animals in all. In the Bird Garden Theater. Bird Gardens
Dance To The Music 2009 Enjoy the sounds of the Disco era as singers and dancers perform hits from the '70s. Pantopia
Sweet Music: Sounds from the Motor City 2011 Classics from the Motown era presented in the Marrakesh Theater. Morocco
Iceploration 2012 A spectacular ice, aerialist, acrobatics, and animal show exploring many parts of the world. It follows the adventures of a grandfather and his grandson who slowly learns to be amazed by the real world instead of modern technological gadgetry. It replaced "Katonga" at the Moroccan Palace Theater. Morocco

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Previous attractions[edit]

Show Year Opened Year Closed Notes Section
Stairway to the Stars 1959 1995 Guests boarded what was said to be the world's longest outdoor escalator for a ride up to an observation platform, on the roof of the on-site Anheuser-Busch beer brewery. From there, guests wended their way back down in a walking tour of the brewery. Bird Gardens
Veldt Monorail 1966 1999 Allowed guests to get up close with animals on the Serengeti Plain. The ride was removed due to upkeep cost. Crown Colony Plaza
African Queen Boat Ride 1972 1989 A boat ride (similar to Disney's Jungle Cruise attraction) located in what is Tanganyika Tidal Wave today. Most of the theming is still intact from the old ride. The ride was transformed into Tanganyika Tidal Wave in 1989, with new boats and a drop section. Stanleyville
Monstrous Mamba 1976 1995 A flat ride that spun riders around as arms raises the cars up and down. Pantopia
Swinging Vines 1977 Circa 1991 A wave swinger flat ride that swings its riders around in a circle. Congo
Python 1976 2006 An Arrow Dynamics designed steel corkscrew roller coaster with two inversions that opened on July 1, 1976 as Florida's first inverting coaster. The ride closed forever on October 31, 2006 after more than thirty years of operation. The ride was demolished throughout November 2006, with the track being scrapped. The trains, however, were sent to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for use on their Loch Ness Monster roller coaster. The new section "Jungala" has taken the place where Python once stood. Congo
Crazy Camel 1979 2003 A Chance Rides "Trabant" flat ride replaced by Sand Serpent. Pantopia
Stanleyville Amphitheater Variety Show 1980 1994 A variety show featuring a collection of circus, animal, and novelty acts which changed on a regular basis. The 30-40-minute show was hosted by a master of ceremonies. Stanleyville
Sandstorm 1980 2013 An orbiter ride with three arms that spins riders around. It was removed to make way for the Falcon's Fury drop tower. Pantopia
Dwarf Village 1983 1995 A small children's area that was replaced by Land of the Dragons. It contained statues of dwarves and mushrooms. Dwarf Village
Kaleidoscope 1986 1990 The cavernous Moroccan Palace Theater, which even contains a balcony, was built to accommodate the show.

Kaleidoscope was the most lavish Broadway style musical to ever play in a theme park. Most of "Kaleidoscope" was transplanted from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, where the show was performed at the Magic Lantern Theater years earlier. However sections, like Busby Berkeley, were taken from another Busch Entertainment show entitled "Hats Off to Hollywood," which also played in Williamsburg. Busch Gardens engaged in a national talent search, auditioning thousands of young singers and dancers. The show operated with a swing cast. Accordingly, about twenty performers were available to fill the twelve roles which comprised the show. Many of the performers were required to learn more than one role, and could therefore "swing" into another part as needed. As a result, Kaleidoscope was performed four times a day every day for over five years.

Many of the talented cast also would swing into other shows within the park that were running concomitantly like "Music Express" (a 1940s Big Band Era song and dance show), "Sounds of the '60s" (a '60s review," the noted Country Music Show, and the even the German Dance show at the Festhause. "Kaleidoscope" had impressive sets, costumes, and special effects. A dazzling Las Vegas style opening number where show girls wore huge multi-colored feathers and strolled down illuminated stairs while lasers filled the theater was followed by a Busby Berkeley section in which a giant slot machine hits the jackpot spilling tap dancers through the slot. A 1940s big band section had a giant Champagne bottle pour bubbles into an over sized glass to the song of Blue Champagne," a huge Showboat sailed on the stage for the old South section, while the 1950s was represented with an oversized juke box and records. The patriotic finale contained fireworks illuminating the sky over the Capitol. In addition, two giant kaleidoscopes were placed on either side of the stage. They were constantly shifting creating intriguing shapes and colors that mirrored the shifting musical scenes and corresponding eras being performed on the stage. Kaleidoscope ran for over five years to packed houses and standing ovations. No other show that Busch Gardens has captured such spectacle, grandeur, or had the talent level of "Kaleidoscope."

Around the World on Ice 1990 1994 A musical revue show at the Moroccan Palace theater that took the audience to various places around the world, including Egypt, France, and Russia. This show replaced "Kaleidoscope" at the Moroccan Palace Theater. Morocco
Questor 1991 1998 A motion simulator ride in which the narrator was on the search for diamonds. It was replaced in 1998 by Akbar's Adventure Tours. The ride was manufactured by Reflectone.[1] Crown Colony Plaza
Dolphin Theatre Before 1993 2003 A typical animal park dolphin show. Pantopia
Hollywood Live on Ice 1994 1998 An ice show which included James Bond and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This show replaced "Around the World on Ice" at the Moroccan Palace Theater. Morocco
Land of the Dragons 1995 2010 A small children's area that was replaced by Sesame Street Safari of Fun. Sesame Street Safari of Fun
World Rhythms on Ice 1998 2003 A live show featuring various dancers performing acts from around the world. This show replaced "Hollywood Live on Ice" at the Moroccan Palace Theater.

The show is now being considered for a re-opening at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Akbar's Adventure Tours 1998 2007 A motion simulator experience of a wacky tour of Egypt with Akbar (played by Martin Short), encountering markets, pyramids, and more. The ride opened up in May 1998 as the first family-oriented attraction in the Egypt section. As of January 2005, the attraction has been SBNO (Standing But Not Operating). In August 2007, the ride has reportedly been demolished, with anything of value going to other simulator rides in Busch-owned parks.[2] Its location is now used as a haunted house location for the park's halloween event, Howl-O-Scream. The ride was manufactured by Reflectone.[1] Egypt
R. L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse 4-D 2003 2006 A "4-D" movie about two children spending a night inside a haunted lighthouse. Based on a story written by author R. L. Stine. The attraction opened up in May, 2003 as the first film in the newly redone Pantopia Theatre (previously Dolphin Theatre). Pantopia
Katonga 2004 2010 An African-themed Broadway type show, teaching viewers how to overcome life's tough obstacles. This show replaced "World Rhythms on Ice" in April, 2004 at the Moroccan Palace Theater. Morocco
Pirates 4D 2006 2013 A "4-D" movie about Pirates, starring Leslie Nielsen. It played in the afternoon at the Pantopia Theater. Pantopia
Sesame Street Presents Lights, Camera, Imagination! 2010 Before 2013 A "4-D" movie starring characters from Sesame Street. It played in the morning at the Pantopia Theater. Pantopia
Rhino Rally 2001 2014 Originally a one of a kind Vekoma River Adventure ride. Riders board inside modified Land Rovers and go on an off-road African safari. Originally the ride contained a water section where the Land Rovers floated down the river on a collapsed bridge. This portion of the ride is now closed although the area is used as scenery of part of the Cheetah Hunt roller coaster. Nairobi
Gwazi 1999 2015 A 90-foot-tall (27 m) Great Coasters International dueling wooden roller coaster. It has received a #38 Golden Ticket Awards ranking. Morocco


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