Akbar Kurtha

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Akbar Kurtha
OccupationActor, Producer, Director
Years active1993-present

Akbar Kurtha is a British actor of Indian descent.

Since 1993, Kurtha has played several roles in the United Kingdom and in the United States. He first appeared in the 1993 film Bhaji on the Beach in the role of Majit, and then played the lead role of Farid in the film My Son the Fanatic, with Rachel Griffiths. He also played Prince Meshal in the Oscar-award-winning film, Syriana, with George Clooney, and Kanel Hanna in the hit HBO mini-series House of Saddam. He played Farhad Hassan in the eighth season of 24.

Kurtha has appeared in leading roles in British soap operas, dramas and situation comedies, including Mr. White Goes to Westminster, The Bill, Heat of the Sun, Second Sight, Command Approved, Esther Kahn, Lloyd & Hill, Doctors, Casualty, Front Line, Keen Eddie, Eastenders, Waking the Dead, Holby City, Beneath the Skin, Syriana, The Last Detective, Forgiven, Bonekickers, and That's for Me!

Kurtha also produced the plays Baghdad Wedding and This Isn't Romance at Soho Theatre in London's West End.



Film Role
The Great Ghost Rescue Doctor
Syriana Prince Meshal
That's for Me Zorba
My Son the Fanatic Farid
Esther Kahn Samuel
Judge Dread Cadet
Bhaji on the Beach Manjit
Hives Ahmad


House of Saddam
The Last Detective
Judge John Deed
Holby City
Beneath the Skin
Waking the Dead
Keen Eddie
Lloyd and Hill
Second Sight: Kingdom of the Blind
Daylight Robbery
The Bill
Watch-Faith Stories
Mr White Goes to Westminster
Heat of the Sun
Turning World
Thief Takers
One for the Road
The Tomorrow People

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