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Akcent, Bucharest, Romania
Background information
OriginBucharest, Romania
GenresDance-pop, europop, house
Years active1999–present (now as solo only)
LabelsFire Records Ltd., ARY Musik Records, Magic Records, Roton, Ultra, Ministry of Sound, Robbins Entertainment, Warner, Universal, Sony
Associated actsSandra N., Ruxandra Bar, Lora, Edward Maya, Lidia Buble, Maxim, XOXO, Reea, Aza, Amira,Ankit Chouhan
Past membersClassic lineup
Marius Nedelcu
Mihai Gruia
Sorin Stefan Brotnei

Other members
Ramona Barta
Corneliu Ulici

Akcent (pronounced "ascent"; originally a wordplay on "accent") is a Romanian dance pop act whose members sing in Romanian, English and Spanish.

Akcent was founded by Adrian Claudiu Sînă in 1999,[1] along with female vocalist Ramona Barta. At that time, Adrian worked as a DJ at Radio contact. Their debut album Senzatzia, released in 2000 as cassette only, was electro-pop. It contained the song Ultima Vara (Last summer), which was a summer hit in Romania. Then Ramona left, and 3 nice-looking boys took her place: Sorin Brotnei, Mihai Gruia and Marius Nedelcu. Akcent had become a boys band. The second album În culori was released in Romania on January 10, 2002 and was certified gold within the 3 first weeks. It included the single "Ţi-am promis".

In 2003, they released their third album 100 BPM, featuring the songs "Buchet de trandafiri" (bouquet of roses) and "Suflet pereche" (soulmate), which were quite successful. Then in 2004 came the album Poveste de viață (Story of a life), with a radical change of style.

Following the steps of O-zone, they gained international recognition with their European hit "Kylie" (#21 in France, also a small hit in North America), which was the English version of the song "Dragoste de inchiriat". Followed their first album in English French Kiss With Kylie, composed with Gigi d'Agostino, and released in Europe on August 23, 2006. Then came the single Jokero which competed to represent Romania at ESC 2006, but was not selected. Then, they released a best of album entitled Primul Capitol and started an international tour. Follow-up single "French Kiss" (English version of 9 mai) was a cover of Stela Enache's "Extemporal la dirigenţie".

2007: King of Disco was the name of their new album. 2 singles were taken from this album: "King of Disco" (an homage to Madonna, in the current disco-pop revival style) and "Red Bikini".

2008: Marius Nedelcu left the project to start a solo career. Corneliu Ulici, formerly from boys band Bliss, took his place. Only one single was released this year: "Umbrela ta".

2009: Corneliu left the project. Akcent released their new album Fără lacrimi (Without Tears), with the now famous accordion hooks. The international version of the album was renamed True Believers. Edward Maya contributed to the singles "Stay With Me" and "That's My Name", which charted in whole Europe.

2010: Akcent ceased their collaboration with Edward Maya, accusing him of having stolen the melody of "That's My Name" for his own single "Stereo Love". Adrian Sână started composing alone new songs for the project, in parallel with him new solo career under the name Adrian Sina. New singles "Love Stoned" and "My Passion" had a lot of success, especially in Arab countries, Pakistan and India.

In September 2013, the band split after a quarrel, leaving Sînă as its only member.[2] According to Adrian, he felt betrayed by the other members; Mihai and Sorin[3] But according to Mihai and Sorin the issue was a bit different. According to them, the issue was not about the money, as fans might think or Adrian told others. It was all about the behavior of Adrian towards them which changed simultaneously. According to them, parting ways is not an issue but Adrian shouldn't use the name Akcent, as it was a collective property of the group.[4] After disbandment Mihai and Sorin founded their own band, "TWO" and a record label "Mango Music". After the band splitted Akcent released two singles "Lacrimi Drug" and "Boracay".[5]

Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Ramona Barta (1999-2001)[6]
  • Mihai Gruia (2001-2013)
  • Marius Nedelcu (2001-2008)
  • Sorin Ştefan Brotnei (2001-2013)
  • Corneliu Ulici (2008-2009)



  • Senzatzia (2000)
  • În culori (2002)
  • 100 bpm (2003)
  • Poveste de viaţă (2004)
  • S.O.S. (2005)
  • Primul capitol (2006)
  • French Kiss with Kylie (2006, re-release 2007)
  • King of Disco (2007)
  • Fără lacrimi (2009)
  • True Believers (2009)
  • Around The World (2014)
  • Love The Show (2016)


Year Title Peak positions Album
2002 "Ți-am promis" 2 În culori
"Prima iubire" 2
"În culori"
2003 "Buchet de trandafiri" 5 100 bpm
"Suflet pereche"
2004 "Poveste de viață" 10 Poveste de viață
"Spune-mi hey baby"
2005 "Dragoste de închiriat" 2 S.O.S.
2006 "Kylie" 1 3 8 8 21 4 4 85 18 -
"JoKero" 1 6 7 27 6 7 53
"French Kiss" 9 21
2007 "King of Disco" 7 18 153 King of Disco
"Let's Talk About It" 52
2008 "Umbrela ta" Fără lacrimi
2009 "Stay with Me" 1 9 9 22 7 79
"That's My Name" 4 15 12 6 10 24 9 32 133
"How Deep Is Your Love" 9 30
"Too Late To Cry" (Vivien O'Hara feat. Akcent) 72
2010 "Love Stoned" 32 99
"My Passion" 2 31 16 13 33 85
2011 "Feelings On Fire" 95 69
"Angel" (Adrian Sînă feat. Sandra N.) 7 16 27 15 8 19
2012 "I'm Sorry" (feat. Sandra N.) 6 12 23
"Back To Me" (Adrian Sînă feat. Diana Hetea)
"Chimie intre noi" 64
2013 "Arde ceva" (Adrian Sînă) 20
"Boracay" (Adrian Sînă feat. Sandra N.) 3
"Lacrimi Curg" (Adrian Sînă)
2014 "Kamelia" (Adrian Sînă feat. Lidia Buble & DDY Nunes) 3 1
"Faina" (Adrian Sînă feat. Liv) 22
2015 "Dilemma" (Adrian Sînă feat. Meriam)
"Te Quiero"

(with Galena)

"Amor Gitana"

(Adrian Sînă featuring Sandra N.)

2018 "Rita"


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