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Ga'at food.jpg
Alternative names Akelet, Ga'at
Type Porridge
Course Breakfast
Place of origin Ethiopia and Eritrea
Region or state East Africa
Main ingredients Barley or wheat flour, water
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Genfo (also known as akelet or ga'at) is a stiff porridge eaten in Eritrea and Ethiopia.


Genfo is the name for the dish in Amharic (Tigrinya: ጋኣት?), an Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Its name in Tigrinya, another Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Eritrea is Ga'at. The dish's kebeh in Amharic or spiced butter filling is called tesmi" in Tigrinya.


Genfo is traditionally made with barley flour.[1] However, many Ethiopian and Eritrean expatriates often also use wheat flour.[citation needed]

To cook Genfo, the flour and water are combined and stirred continuously with a wooden spoon. Genfo is presented in a large mound with a hole in the center, filled with a mixture of tesmi (niter kibe)[2] and berbere. This spicy combination is tempered with yogurt which balances the flavors.[3]

It is typically eaten at breakfast, though it is also traditionally prepared for guests who come to visit newborn children.[citation needed]