Akershus Amtstidende

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Akershus Amtstidende
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) A-pressen
Editor Jon Martin Larsen
Founded 1874; 143 years ago (1874)
Headquarters Drøbak
Website www.amta.no

Akershus Amtstidende, "Amta", is a local newspaper published in Drøbak, Norway. It covers the western Follo district, with its stronghold in Frogn and Nesodden.

History and profile[edit]

It was established in 1874[1] under the name Follo Tidende, and got its current name in 1884.[2]

Akershus Amtstidende is published by the company Akershus Amtstidende AS, which is in turn owned 100% by Amedia. Its editor is Jon Martin Larsen. A hundred years later, it had a circulation of 5,655, and had the same editor-in-chief as Akershus Arbeiderblad and Romerikes Blad.[2]


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