Akershus County Municipality

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Coordinates: 59°54′43.18″N 10°45′19.83″E / 59.9119944°N 10.7555083°E / 59.9119944; 10.7555083

Akershus County Municipality
Akershus fylkeskommune
Coat of arms of Akershus County Municipality
Coat of arms
Location in Norway
Location in Norway
Country Norway
Administrative center Oslo
 • County mayor Nils Aage Jegstad
ISO 3166 code NO-02
Revenue NOK
Employees 4,000
Schools 35
Pupils 20,000
Transit authority Ruter
Website www.akershus.no

Akershus County Municipality (Norwegian: Akershus fylkeskommune) is the regional governing administration of Akershus, Norway. The main responsibilities of the county municipality includes the running of 35 upper secondary schools. It administrates the county roadways, public transport, dental care, culture and cultural heritage.

The county council has 43 members, and Chairman of the County Council is Nils Aage Jegstad (Conservative Party). The administrative seat is located in Oslo—a municipality that is not part of Akershus.


Public transport in Akershus is managed by Ruter, a transit authority owned along with the City of Oslo. It markets all public transport except the Oslo Commuter Rail in Akershus, though operations are provided by private companies based on public service obligation.

County mayors[edit]