Aketi Territory

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Aketi Territory
Country  Democratic Republic of Congo
Province Orientale Province
District Bas-Uele District
National language Lingala

Aketi Territory is a territory in Bas-Uele District, Orientale Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The administrative capital is located at Aketi. The territory borders Bondo Territory to the north, Buta Territory to the east, Basoko Territory to the south, Bumba Territory to the west in Mongala District and Yakoma Territory in Nord-Ubangi District to the northwest.[1] Rivers include the Likati River, Zoki River, Maze River, Tinda River, Tshimbi River, Elongo River, Aketi River, Yoko River and Lese River along the southern territorial border.[1]


The territory contains the following chiefdoms/sectors:


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