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Akhnas ibn Shariq al-Thaqifi or Abi al-Hakam ibn Akhnas ibn Sharif ath-Thaqafi[1] was a contemporary to Muhammad and one of the leaders of Mecca.[2]


Late life — ?-610[edit]

He was a rich man [3] and an ally of Banu Zuhrah.[4]

Muhammad's era — 610-632[edit]

Muhammad's visit to Ta'if — 619[edit]

On his way from the visit, Muhammad asked Akhnas for protection, but he refused.[2]

Battle of Badr — 624[edit]

Akhnas and the Banu Zuhrah were with the Meccan as part of the escort that preceded the Battle of Badr, but since he believed the caravan to be safe, he did not join Quraish on their way to a festival in Badr. He together with Banu Zuhrah returned, so these two clans were never present in the battle. [4]

Battle of Uhud — 625[edit]

Abd-Allah ibn Jahsh was a cousin of Muhammad who was killed in the Battle of Uhud by Akhnas ibn Shariq.[1]

Treaty of Hudaybiyyah — 628[edit]

Source state:

After the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, Abu Basir ‘Utbah ibn Asid ibn Jãriyah ath-Thaqafi (a man of the tribe of Thaqif captured by the Quraysh), escaped from the. Associators. al-Akhnas ibn Shurayq (a chief of the Quraysh) sent two men after him. AbU Basir killed one of the two men, and came to the Messenger of Allah as an Immigrant Muslim.[5]


Surah Al-Humaza was revealed regarding Akhnas ibn Shariq.[6]

Regarding verse [Quran 2:204], an incident occurred prior to these verses being revealed. A man named Al-Akhnas ibn Shuriq came to the Muhammad to embrace Islam, but as he turned to leave, he happened to pass by a pasture and grazing animals. He set it alight and killed the cattle. These verses express disapproval.[7]

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