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Akhpradzor Ախպրաձոր is located in Armenia
Akhpradzor Ախպրաձոր
Coordinates: 40°05′46″N 45°38′25″E / 40.09611°N 45.64028°E / 40.09611; 45.64028Coordinates: 40°05′46″N 45°38′25″E / 40.09611°N 45.64028°E / 40.09611; 45.64028
Marz (Province)Gegharkunik
2,293 m (7,523 ft)
 • Total344
Time zoneUTC+4 (GMT+4)

Akhpradzor' (Armenian: Ախպրաձոր; also Axpradzor, until 1978 Verin Zaghalu; Russified as Verkhniy Zagalu) is a small village in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia.[1]


It is estimated that around 400 citizens live in the village.


The village has one school that has approximately 75 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Its principal, Ginevard Ghukasyan is the director of the school. The school is sponsored by a non-profit organization known as the Hidden Road Initiative that runs regular programs in the summer, provides internet and computers to the village school, and provides scholarships to high school graduates.


Most of the villagers plant and sell potatoes. The village is also well known for its locally produced honey. The villagers also regularly sell their cheese and butter.


Currently, the road leading to the village is very limited and hard to access. During the winter, the snow blocks the road for the majority of the months. US Ambassador John Heffern visited the village in the summer of 2014 and promoted the road construction. The village mayor as well as the regional director promised that the road should be renovated by 2016.

Archaeological Sites[edit]

The village is home to several historical and archaeological sites. It contains old ruins and cemeteries from its Azeri inhabitants. It is also believed that the village was once inhabited by Timur Lenk whose 13th century ruins can still be found in the village.

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