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King of Kush
Reign (ca. 350–335 BCE)
Predecessor Harsiotef
Successor Nastasen or Amanibakhi
Born BCE
Died ca. 335 BCE
Burial Pyramid N14 at Nuri
Full name
Dynasty Meroitic period
Father Harsiotef?
i A1 x
T M22 M22
in hieroglyphs

Akhraten (also transliterated Akhratan) was a King of Kush (ca. 350 BCE-335 BCE).

Akhraten took on at least some titles based on those used by the Egyptian Pharaohs.[1]
Horus name: Kanakht Tjema Neditef ("Mighty Bull whose arm is powerful, Protector of his Father")
Prenomen: Neferibre ("Re is one whose heart is beautiful")
Nomen: Akhraten

Akhratan may have been a son of Harsiotef and a brother of Nastasen.[2]

Akhratan is known from a cartouche in a chapel and from a black granite statue found in Barkal Temple 500, now located in Boston (23.735).[2] The statue is headless and is missing its feet.

Akhraten may have been succeeded as King of Kush by Nastasen, but some scholars suggest that a king named Amanibakhi may have ruled between Akraten and Nastasen.[1]

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