Akhund Mullah Shah Mosque

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Akhund Mullah Shah Masjid
Akhund Mullah Shah Masjid
Akhund Mulla Shah's Mosque

Akhund Mullah Shah Masjid or Akhoon Mullah Masjid[1] or Dara Shikoh Masjid,[1] known as Mala Shah Mashid[1] in Kashmiri, is a mosque built by Dara Shikoh in 1649 for his spiritual mentor.[2] Located in Srinagar, it is a mosque inside a mosque. The prime sanctuary is entirely separated from the main building through a courtyard that surrounds it. There is a stone lotus that crowns the podium of the mosque.[3]


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Coordinates: 34°06′13″N 74°49′02″E / 34.103587°N 74.817359°E / 34.103587; 74.817359