Aki Yerushalayim

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Aki Yerushalayim
EditorMoshe Shaul
FoundedApril 4, 1979
Sister newspapersSalom

Aki Yerushalayim (Ladino pronunciation: [aˈki jeɾuʃaˈlajim]; meaning 'Here Jerusalem') was an Israeli magazine in Judaeo-Spanish (Ladino) published two to three times a year between 1979 and 2016.


Aki Yerushalayim began released its first issue on April 4, 1979. It was the main periodical published in Judeo-Spanish, published alongside the Turkish newspaper Şalom.[1] The aim of Aki Yerushalayim was to ensure the preservation and diffusion of Ladino and the Sephardic culture. The magazine was jointly published by the Sefarad Association and the Autoridad Nasionala del Ladino, the Ladino regulator.

Its director was Moshe Shaul, who had served as an editor since the first issue. The magazine had an online edition as well, which continued in 2019 after the magazine ceased to operate with a print edition in 2016.[1][2] It was found that during the Covid-19 pandemic, online readership increased significantly as interest in Ladino was revived.[3]


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