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Real-life shops like the pictured maid café inspired the films

The Akihabara Trilogy[1][2][3] (萌えキュン@MOVIE[4], Moekyun@Movie) is a series of films set in Akihabara, Japan. The plots of the featured movies revolve around the cosplay and otaku subcultures associated to the location, with themes such as maid cafés and collectible action figures.[2][5]

The series was produced by VAP, and the distributor Asia Pulp Cinema released the trilogy on DVDs in the United States.[2]

Movies in the trilogy[edit]

Original title Romanization English title Director
猫耳少女キキ Nekomimi Shōjo Kiki Cat Girl Kiki (2006) Akiyoshi Sugiura
聖・美少女フィギュア伝 Sei Bishōjo Figyua Den Legend of the Doll (2006) Toshiro Goto
恋するメイドカフェ Koisuru Maid Cafe Pretty Maid Café (2006) Akiyoshi Sugiura

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