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Akio Watanabe (渡辺 明夫, Watanabe Akio, born July 27, 1969 in Tokyo) is a Japanese animator, illustrator, character designer, animation supervisor, anime director, and dōjin artist who is a member of the circle Pokopii (ぽこぴー).[1][2] His pseudonym is Poyoyon♥Rock (ぽよよん♥ろっく). As an animator, he has been working with Akiyuki Shinbo for a long time before he became a mainstay at Shaft. His representative works include key animation for Popotan and character design for Nurse Witch Komugi, The SoulTaker, and the Monogatari series, for which he also served as chief animation director. His characters are often drawn wearing a translucent green bracelet.


Under the name Akio Watanabe[edit]


Computer games
  • Zutto Issho (animation director, character design)
  • L no Kisetsu
  • Missing Blue
  • Grisaia no Kajitsu (character design)


  • Hoshiiro Drop (cover art)[6]
  • 22/7 (original character design for Yuki Tojo)

Under the name Poyoyon♥Rock[edit]

Computer games
Trading Card Games
  • Saitama O157 prevention campaign poster
  • "Moe Loan" Ron-tan (Livedoor Credit)
  • "Akiba Kei SNS 'Filn'" Mascot characters Fil and Fal


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