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Akira may refer to:



  • Asa Akira (born 1986), an American pornographic actress, model, and director
  • Elly Akira, Japanese pornographic actress
  • Francesco Akira (born 1999). Japanese ring name for Italian wrestler Francesco Begnini

Mononymed people[edit]

  • Akira (actor) (born 1981), Japanese actor and dance performer
  • Akira Nogami (born 1966; ring name "AKIRA"), Japanese professional wrestler and actor
  • Natalie Horler (born 1981; stage name "Akira"), German singer and television presenter formerly using the stagename "Akira"
  • Akira the Don, stagename of British DJ Adam Narkiewicz
  • Akira the Hustler (born 1969), stagename of Japanese artist Yukio Cho

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