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Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater (鳥山明○作劇場 Toriyama Akira Marusaku Gekijō?, lit. "Akira Toriyama ______piece Theatre") is a three volumes series which is a compilation of several one-shot manga made by Akira Toriyama. The three volumes were originally released in Japan in 1983, 1988, and 1997 respectively. They were also released in several European countries, including as France and Spain.

Two stories featured in Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater Vol. 2, Pink and Kennosuke-sama were adapted into anime movies both released on July 7, 1990.


Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater Vol. 1 (1983)[edit]

Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater Vol. 2 (1988)[edit]

Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater Vol. 3 (1997)[edit]

Akira Toriyama Mankan Zenseki (2008)[edit]

In 2008, Shueisha released a two-volume bunko edition of Toriyama's short works, entitled Toriyama Akira Mankanzenseki (鳥山明満漢全席?, lit. "An Emperor's Feast of Akira Toriyama"). This version, while omitting several one-shots from the original collections, includes the two-chapter Alien Peke (1996), published after the end of Dragon Ball, as well as the seinen comic Lady Red (1987), first published in Super Jump issue #2. The second volume also includes "The Anime and Me" (1989), a full-color autobiographical strip from the first Dragon Ball Z Anime Special magazine, as well as a new afterword by the author.

Volume 1
Volume 2
  • Clear Skies, Karamaru (1989)
  • Pink (1982)
  • Alien X-Peke (1996)
  • Chobit (1983)
  • Cashman - Saving Soldier (1990)
  • "The Anime and Me" (1989)

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