Akita Nutrition Junior College

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Akita Nutrition Junior College
Akita Nutrition Junior College 20121115.jpg
Motto "truth harmonization and practical science"
Type private
Established 1953
Location Akita, Akita, Japan

Akita Nutrition Junior College (秋田栄養短期大学, Akita Eiyo Tanki Daigaku) is a private university at Akita, Akita, Japan, founded in 1953.

The college was founded as Akita Junior College, with departments of economics and commerce. A department of home economics was added in 1954. The college was relocated to its present location in 1983. A nutrition department was added in1990. The college was renamed the Akita Economics Junior College in 1997 and its curriculum restructured around three departments: Commerce and Economics, Information Science and Lifestyle. It was renamed the Akita Nutrition Junior College in 2005, specializing in a Department of Nutrition only.

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