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Akita Publishing Co., Ltd. (株式会社秋田書店, Kabushiki-gaisha Akita Shoten) is a Japanese publishing company established on 10 August 1948 in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Its main editorial target has always been teenagers (shōnen and shōjo), and it currently publishes mostly manga. The current president is Sadami Akita.


Male-oriented manga magazines[edit]

Shōnen magazines[edit]

  • Bessatsu Shōnen Champion (別冊少年チャンピオン, Bessatsu Shōnen Champion) – Bimonthly (the 12th of month)
  • Champion Red (チャンピオンレッド, Chanpion Reddo) – Monthly (the 19th of month)
  • Monthly Shōnen Champion (月刊少年チャンピオン, Gekkan Shōnen Chanpion) – Monthly (the 6th of month)
  • Weekly Shōnen Champion (週刊少年チャンピオン, Shūkan Shōnen Chanpion)[1] – Weekly (each Thursday)

Seinen magazines[edit]

  • Champion Red Ichigo (チャンピオンレッドいちご, Chanpion Reddo Ichigo) – Bimonthly (the 5th of month), stopped
  • Golf Comic (ゴルフコミック, Gorufu Komikku) – Monthly (the 1st of every month)
  • Play Comic (プレイコミック, Purei Comikku) – Semimonthly (each 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month)
  • Young Champion (ヤングチャンピオン, Yangu Chanpion) – Semimonthly (each 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month)
  • Young Champion Retsu (ヤングチャンピオン烈, Yangu Chanpion Retsu) – Bimonthly (the 3rd Monday of month)

Female oriented manga magazines[edit]

  • Princess (プリンセス, Purinsesu)
  • Princess Gold (プリンセスゴールド, Purinsesu Gōrudo)
  • Petit Princess (プチプリンセス, Puchi Purinsesu) – the fifteenth of every even month
  • Mystery Bonita (ミステリーボニータ, Misutarī Bonīta) – the sixth of every month
  • Suspiria Mystery (サスペリアミステリー, Sasuperia Misutarī) – the twenty-fourth of every odd month
  • Elegance Eve (エレガンスイブ, Eregansu Ibu) – the twenty-sixth of every month
  • For Mrs. (フォアミセス, Foa Misesu) – the third of every month
  • For Mrs. Special (フォアミセススペシャル, for Mrs. Supesharu)
  • Love MAX (恋愛 MAX, Rabu Makkusu) – the sixth of every odd month
  • Love Cherry Pink (恋愛チェリーピンク, Rabu Cherī Pinku) – the sixth of every even month
  • Desir SP (デジールSP, Dejīru Supesharu) – the twenty-eighth of every even month
  • Hitomi (ひとみ, Hitomi)stopped

Other magazines[edit]

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