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Akitoshi Kawazu at the Final Fantasy XII London HMV Launch Party in 2007

Akitoshi Kawazu (河津 秋敏 Kawazu Akitoshi?, born November 5, 1962, in the Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese game producer and game designer. He was responsible for the game design of Final Fantasy (video game) and Final Fantasy II.[1] He is also the creator of the SaGa and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series of role-playing video games.


Joining Square[edit]

Kawazu studied ceramics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Kawazu was invited by a friend to work at the gaming magazine published by Softbank called "Beep".[2] He stated that he had always been interested in board games, and after a time joined Square Co. in 1985.[1][2]

Early years[edit]

His first game at Square Co. was Rad Racer, creating the ending sequence showing a player's accomplishments.[2]

Final Fantasy[edit]

He and Hironobu Sakaguchi had wanted to make a role playing game for a long time, and were fans of Wizardry and Ultima, but were concerned it would not sell.[2] After the success in Japan of Dragon Quest, and the popular desire for an RPG proven, development began.[2] Kawazu took over the development of the battle sequence and system, and tried to model it as much after Dungeons and Dragons as he could.[2] Part of the development was to add western fantasy gaming rules, such as a fire monster being vulnerable to ice, which at the time were not features of Japanese gaming.[2]

Later games[edit]

Production on The Last Remnant began after the remake of Romancing SaGa for the PlayStation 2 was completed.[3] Kawazu was also involved in the development of "It's New Frontier" (sic).[4] During the development of Final Fantasy XII, Yasumi Matsuno, who was the lead on the game, left half way through, and Kawazu took over.[5]

Game style[edit]

Board games such as Avalon Hill and Dungeons and Dragons influence a lot of Kawazu's development process.[2] When creating a new game, he examines the elements like a board game and makes that the working foundation.[2]



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