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Robert E. Howard character
Alias"Woman who never die"
OccupationPyramid of Set
FamilyTuthamon (father/deceased)
SpouseDarkness One (maker/lover)

Akivasha is a female character appearing in the fictional universe of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian.

Fictional character biography[edit]


Akivasha's name is derived from the Egyptian name (Akkaiwasha) for the Achaeans.[1]


She was Stygian princess more than 10000 years before Conan.

"I am Akivasha! I am the woman who never died, who never grew old! Who fools say was lifted from the earth by the gods, in the full bloom of her youth and beauty, to queen it forever in some celestial clime! Nay, it is in the shadows that mortals find immortality! Ten thousand years ago I died to live for ever! Give me your lips, strong man!"


  • Hour of the Dragon

Her first appearance at The Hour of the Dragon from Weird Tales (1935-1936).

  • Kull The Conqueror

The novelization of the film Kull the Conqueror, written by Sean A. Moore, published by Tor Books.[2]

  • Return of Akivasha

The Return of Akivasha: Book One of the Lost Hyborian Tales, written by Timothy Ford Allen [3]

Appearances in other media[edit]


Video games[edit]

In Age of Conan: Unchained, she is a boss in location "Sanctum of the Burning Souls".[4][5]


Role-playing game[edit]

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