Akiya (Assyrian king)

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Monarch of Assyria
Reignfl. c. 2049 BCE — c. 2036 BCE
SuccessorPuzur-Ashur I

Akiya (Akkadian: 𒀀𒆠𒅀, romanized: A-ki-ia) was an early ruler of the city-state Assur.[1] According to the Assyrian King List (AKL), he was the twenty-ninth Assyrian monarch of the Early Period of Assyria. He is listed within a section of the AKL as the third out of the six, "kings whose eponyms are not known."[2][1] The AKL states that Akiya was the successor of Kikkia, and was the predecessor of Puzur-Ashur I. Very little is otherwise known of Akiya's reign.

Preceded by
Monarch of Assyria
fl. c. 2049 BCE — c. 2036 BCE
Succeeded by
Puzur-Ashur I

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