Akkar plain foothills

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Akkar plain foothills
Akkar 09.jpg
Akkar plain foothills is located in Lebanon
Akkar plain foothills
Shown within Lebanon
Locationbetween Halba and Adbe, Lebanon
RegionAkkar Governorate
Coordinates34°32′25″N 36°05′19″E / 34.540278°N 36.088611°E / 34.540278; 36.088611
PeriodsHeavy Neolithic, Neolithic
CulturesQaraoun culture
Site notes
ArchaeologistsR. Wetzel, J. Haller, Lorraine Copeland
Public accessYes
Heavy Neolithic tools of the Qaraoun culture found at Mtaileb I - Massive nosed scraper on a flake with irregular jagged edges, notches and "noses". Light grey and streaky silicious limestone.

The Akkar plain foothills are the location of several surface archaeological sites found between Halba and Adbe in Akkar Governorate, Lebanon.[1]

The sites were found in neogene conglomerates above the 200 metres (660 ft) contour on Louis Dubertret's geological map and mentioned by R. Wetzel and J. Haller in 1945.[2] The materials found were described as "Gros bifaces" along with other roughouts. The tools were originally classified as Chelleo-Acheullean however Lorraine Copeland suggested them reclassified as a Heavy Neolithic assemblage of the Qaraoun culture in light of more modern research.[1]


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