Akkara Kazhchakal

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Akkara Kazhchakal
Akkara Kazchakal(malyalam serial) logo
Created by Abi Varghese
Ajayan Venugopalan
Starring Jose Valiyakallumkall
Sajini Sachariah
Jacob Gregory
Litto Joseph
Priya Joseph
Country of origin USA
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 50
Location(s) New Jersey
Running time 18 minutes (approx.)
Original network Kairali TV
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Audio format Stereo
Original release February 15, 2008 – 2010
Followed by Akkarakazhchakal: The Movie
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Akkara Kazchakal (Malayalam: അക്കരക്കാഴ്ച്ചകൾ) is a Malayalam sitcom that aired on Kairali TV from 2008 to 2010. The series consisted of fifty episodes which chronicled the lives of a middle-class Malayali family settled in the United States. The show was created by Abi Varghese and Ajayan Venugopalan and starred relative newcomers as the leads.

The show is regarded as the first true Malayalam sitcom with real-life situations and witty dialogues minus any drama or artificiality seen in other Indian serials. It broke broadcasting conventions when it was uploaded into YouTube[1] in its entirety by the show's creators. Akkarakazhchakal has enjoyed widespread popularity during its initial run as well as the subsequent years. The series has been especially commended for its realistic portrayal of Malayali life, social commentary and satirical humour. Josekutty Valiyakallumkal has been widely praised for his portrayal of George Thekkinmoottil, the patriarch of the family.

The show's popularity lead to a film titled Akkarakazhchakal: The Movie.


Josekutty Valiyakallumkal who plays George Thekkinmootil

The show focuses on George Thekumoottil (Josekutty Valiyakallumkal), a struggling insurance agent. His wife Rincy (Sajini Sachariah) is a nurse who prefers a more luxurious life. While George and Rincy grew up in Kerala, their children Matt (Litto Joseph) and Chakki mol (Priya Joseph) were raised in the United States and they like the American way of living. The show also features Jacob Gregory as George's insurance assistant, Giri Giri and Paulose Palatty as George's father.

Other episodes follow the lives of Mahi (Hari Dev) and Babykuttan (Sanjeev Nair), two nurses who recently immigrated from India and their housemates Krish (Jayan Mathew) and Baiju (Geo Thomas), who moved in with them after losing their jobs during the IT recession.

Other recurring characters include Pallilachan (Jose Paramus), a priest from the New Jersey church, Rincy's friend Shiny (Shine Roy) and Shiny's husband Jacob Embranthiri (Saji Sebastin).


Jacob Gregory who plays Girigiri

George Thekkinmootil is a Malayali from Aymanam. He moved to the U.S. after marrying Rincy who is a nurse working in New Jersey. Having grown up in Kerala, he is often nostalgic and emotional about his homeland. Rincy, by contrast has accustomed to the American life, and is not bothered much by it. A running gag throughout the show is the cultural divide between George and his children. Though he is critical of their embracement of the American culture, he is a loving father and often tells them how fortunate they are to enjoy such a great life in America. At the onset of the series, George is stuck in a job that he dislikes and tries launching various businesses, all of which backfire. He finally settles down as an insurance agent after clearing the Insurance License Exam, and starts his own Insurance firm.

Girigiri is George's ever-stammering insurance assistant. Even though his actual name is Gregory, George calls him "Girigiri" because of his stammering. His constant need for snacks is often criticized by George. Rincy is very fond of Girigiri and considers him like the younger brother she never had. Girigiri walks out after being irritated by Appachan, and Candy is recruited to take his place.

Another plot line that runs parallel to George's is Mahi and Babykuttan. They lands in the U.S. through George's cousin, who is a placement agent in New Jersey. On their very first day, they almost ended up being arrested by a cop (Bris Kocak) after the fire alarm went off because they burned an omelet. The police officer mistook their Puttu Kodam, used for making Puttu, for a marijuana vaporizer.

There are a few episodes in which Appachan prepares grape pickles around the grape season, and Girigiri helps him sell them in the local Indian grocery store under the brand name Appachan's Achar.


Character Portrayed by Role
George Thekkinmootil (Chettai/Kochu Kunju) Josekutty Valiyakallumkal Main protagonist of the series
Rincy Sajini Sachariah George's wife, a nurse by profession
Matt (Mathaikunju) Litto Joseph George's son
Chakkimol Priya Joseph George's daughter
Gregory (Girigiri) Jacob Gregory George's assistant
Appachan Paulose Palatty George's father
Mahi Hari Dev Nurse
Babykuttan Sanjeev Nair Nurse
Baiju Geo Thomas Software engineer
Krishankutty (Krish) Jayan Joseph Software engineer
Sunny Singh Amarpreet Nanda Roommate of Mahi and Babykuttan
Shiny Shine Roy Rincy's friend
Jacob Embranthiri Saji Sebastian A wine-loving scientist and Shiny's husband.
Achan Jose Paramus Vicar
Prasava Gopi Devassy Palatti Insurance agent. George's main competitor in the field
Candy Cynthia Gianetti George's assistant
Manager Gracey James George's manager
Ikkili Chacko Sunny Kalloppara Despatch at George's workplace
Jose Kurian Valiyakallumkal Georgekutty's friend
Rengit Rengit Peter Madaparambath Video cassette loaner
Nursing Superant Richard Lampone
Policeman Baris Kocak Policeman questions Mahi&Babykuttan
Lady who takes Insurance Olya Makiyenko
Paul Greg Vorob Josekutty's neighbour
Molly Malini Krishna
Chackochan Peter Neendoor
Guest at Josekutty's house Ajayan Venugopalan
Soman Soman Malayali shop owner
Philip Mohemmad Waheb
Gopi's Assistant Sunita Sebastian
Ramakrishna Iyyer Saswata Bandyopadhyay
Bhamadathan Namboothiri Narayanan Kuttappan

Episode list[edit]

  • 1 Church Going - The George family prepares to go to Church.
  • 2 Malayalam Culture - George installs a Malayalam Channel to teach his daughter Chakki and teenage son Matt the young adult in the family some "Malayalam Culture."
  • 3 New Nurses
  • 4 George's new business idea.
  • 5 George is invited to a Christmas get-together at Chacko's house.
  • 6 George's house is haunted by a Madama Ghost.
  • 7 Rincy forces George to go on a new diet plan.
  • 8 George studies to become an insurance agent.
  • 9 George tries to grow Thekummootil Insurance Corp with new marketing techniques.
  • 10 George agrees to do Feng Shui/Vasthu in his house.
  • 11 Mahesh and Babykuttan try out the dating scene.
  • 12 Gregory discovers his hidden talent.
  • 13 George gets a new pet for the house.
  • 14 George hires a handyman.
  • 15 Rincy plans a trip to India.
  • 16 Babykuttan joins Sameway (a multi-layer marketing company).
  • 17 Babykuttan tries to be a Sameway Millionaire.
  • 18 George has a "small party" while Rincy is away.
  • 19 Rincy returns with Appachan.
  • 20 Matt grows up.
  • 21 George and Family gets invited to a party.
  • 22 Gregory resigns.
  • 23 Gregory's first day at Blimpie.
  • 24 George's new assistant.
  • 25 Babykuttan learns to drive.
  • 26 Generation Gap
  • 27 Mahi tries to change career.
  • 28 George brings a superstar home.
  • 29 The Candy Problem
  • 30 Appachan and Giri Giri's new hobby.
  • 31 Appachan's Krishi
  • 32 Appachan's Achar
  • 33 Omana Onam 2008
  • 34 Job Search. Car Search. Wife Search.
  • 35 Back to School
  • 36 Halloween
  • 37 Mahi's Dilemma
  • 38 The Rat Problem
  • 39 George goes to the Doctor
  • 40 Black Friday
  • 41 Rincy's brother visits
  • 42 Informercial episode
  • 43 Christmas Episode
  • 44 Appachan Babysits
  • 45 The Love Letter
  • 46 Appachan's Birthday
  • 47 DJ KJ Episode
  • 48 Going back Home
  • 49 Babykuttan's English Tutor
  • 50 George buys a New Car

Film locations[edit]

  • The house of George Thekkinmootil's family is located in Englewood which is Abi Varghese's real home xxxxx* Mahi and Babykuttan stay in a house that is located in North Brunswick which is Ajayan Venugopalan's real home.

Akkara Kazchakal - The Movie[edit]

Following the success of Akkara Kazhchakal, the team planned to release a movie calling it Akkara Kazhchakal - the movie. The movie was released in the United States on April 29, 2011, and produced by Infamous Coconuts & BOM TV.

In the film, Thekkinmootil Family decides to move Appachan and Ammachi to an old age home in Kerala. Meanwhile, between the jobs and a new insurance office, George and Rincy finds it hard to spend time with the family. With Rincy, kids and Appachan complaining about a much needed break, George finally decides to take the family on a vacation to Niagara Falls.

Critical reviews[edit]

Nita Sathyendran of The Hindu said: "It looks like George has not only delivered on his promise but has also managed to endear himself to his viewers.".[2] Jacob A. C. of Mathrubhumi said that "The victory of Akkara Kazhchakal lies in the fact that it was able to introduce the day to day life of an Malayali-American a lighter mood."[3]


This sitcom had an estimated 80,000 weekly viewers.[citation needed]

Show timing[edit]

Country Showtime Re-run
India 10:00pm IST - 10:30pm IST (MON)
United States 15:00 EST - 15:30 EST (Sat) 22:30 EST - 23:00 EST (Fri)

DVD releases[edit]

A DVD of Akkara Kazhchakal was released during Onam 2008 celebrations of Kerala Association of New Jersey (KANJ) by the cast members.


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