Akkaraipattu massacre

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Akkaraipattu massacre
Akkaraipattu massacre is located in Sri Lanka
Akkaraipattu massacre
Location Akkaraipattu, Sri Lanka
Coordinates 7°13′N 81°51′E / 7.217°N 81.850°E / 7.217; 81.850Coordinates: 7°13′N 81°51′E / 7.217°N 81.850°E / 7.217; 81.850
Date February 19, 1986 (+6 GMT)
Target Sri Lankan Tamil civilians
Attack type
Weapons Guns
Deaths 80
Suspected perpetrators
Sri Lankan Army

Akkaraipattu massacre happened on 19 February 1986 when approximately 80 Sri Lankan Tamil farm workers were allegedly killed by the Sri Lankan Army personnel and their bodies burned in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.[1][2]

Although the alleged massacre happened on 19 February 1986, the incident came to light only few days later after community leaders visited the remote location near the town of Akkaraipattu, where the farm workers were shot. According to community leaders, the farm workers were threshing the paddy fields when troops appeared from the nearby jungle firing into the air. The women were freed, but the soldiers rounded up the men, tied their hands and made them sit on the road. The farm workers were taken back to the paddy fields and shot. Several empty cases of ammunition have been found in the field. Later the bodies were piled on top of the dry rice harvest and burned.[2][3]


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