Akkeshi Prefectural Natural Park

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Akkeshi Prefectural Natural Park
Cervus nippon yesoensis -Akkeshi, Hokkaidō 01.jpg
Sika deer at Cape Aikappu, Akkeshi
Location Hokkaidō, Japan
Area 210.00 km²
Established 1955

Akkeshi Prefectural Natural Park (厚岸道立自然公園 Akkeshi dōritsu shizen kōen?) is a Prefectural Natural Park in eastern Hokkaidō, Japan. Established in 1955, the park spans the municipalities of Akkeshi, Hamanaka, and Kushiro.[1] It comprises two non-contiguous stretches of the coast, adjoining areas of lake, marsh, wetland, and forest, and several islands.[1]

Flora within the park include the Sakhalin fir, Erman's birch, Arctic iris, Sendai-hagi, Ezo-kanzō, and small cranberry; fauna, the Japanese crane, white-tailed eagle, Steller's sea eagle, whooper swan, Leach's storm petrel, and tufted puffin.[1] Prominent features include, from west to east, Todo Rock (トド岩?) and Tako Rock (タコ岩?), Cape Shirepa (尻羽岬?), Cape Aikappu (愛冠岬?), Lake Akkeshi (a Special Wildlife Protection Area and part of the Akkeshi-ko and Bekambeushi-shitsugen Ramsar site), Daikoku Island (a Special Wildlife Protection Area, the seabird breeding grounds of which are a Natural Monument), Kojima Island (小島?), Cape Namida (涙岬?), Mochirippu-numa (藻散布沼?), Hichirippu-numa (火散布沼?), Kenbokki Island, Cape Azechi (アゼチ岬?), Cape Kiritappu (霧多布岬?), and Kiritappu-shitsugen (a Special Wildlife Protection Area and Ramsar site, the peat-forming plant communities of which are a Natural Monument).[1]

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