Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation

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Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC
Key people
Goksel Aybek, General Director[2]
Kamil Huseynov, Chairman of the supervisory board.[3]
Number of employees

Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC is an Azerbaijani company that does construction work and produces construction materials. The company builds infrastructure projects in Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

According to the company website, Akkord has completed $1.7 billion worth of construction projects. Current (as of July 2013) projects total $1.9 billion.[1]


Akkord owns and operates 40 plants within Azerbaijan.[4] Akkord also has offices in Albania, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.[3]

Gazakh Cement Plant[edit]

The International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA) financed the construction of a cement plant located in the Gazakh region of Azerbaijan. Construction of the plant was completed in 2013.[5] The plant is the second cement plant in Azerbaijan.[6]

Key people[edit]

General Director Goksel Aybek.[edit]

Born in Elazig district, Turkey. Graduate of the faculty of engineering at Erciyes University, Turkey. Majored in mechanical engineering.

Has a 36 year work experience as a Director and Member of the Board in such big Turkish companies as Guris Holding, Nuh sement grupu, ACT, AS Sement grupu, OEMAG before he joined Akkord Corporation in 2012.

Born in 1959. Married and has one child.

Products and Services[edit]


Akkord builds:[4]

  • Bridges
  • Public facilities
  • Real estate
  • Concrete and Asphalt pavement Roads
  • Tunnels & Intersections

Manufacture, Production and Distribution[edit]

Akkord manufactures and distributes construction materials:[7]

  • Textile
  • Paint
  • Asphalt
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Fabricated metal products
  • Gravel-sand
  • Precast concrete
  • Marble & Granite
  • Cement




Akkord has contracts with construction and production companies from around the world, “among which are noteworthy” (according to Trend News Agency) are:[3]


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