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Aknepop (Acnepop)
Studio album by Eppu Normaali
Released May 1978
Recorded 13–15 March 1978
Genre Punk Rock
Length 32:18
Label Poko Rekords
Eppu Normaali chronology
Aknepop (Acnepop)
Maximum Jee&Jee

Aknepop is Eppu Normaali's first album released in May 1978. It was recorded 13–15 March 1978. Pertti Ström is a secret name of Epe Helenius. He used the name to write to Finnish music magazine Soundi.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Teen sinusta muusia (I'm Gonna Beat You into Pulp) 2.42
  2. Diggaan itseäni (I Dig Myself) 2.36
  3. James Dean (taas) (James Dean (Again)) 1.50
  4. Oi maa (Oh, This Country) 2.32
  5. Oppi tulee idästä (Doctrine Comes From the East) 2.16
  6. Kekkonen rock (Kekkonen Rock) 1.34 (Suomen Talvisota 1939-1940 cover)
  7. Poliisi pamputtaa ([the]Police beats[with truncheon]) 1.52
  8. Poliisi pamputtaa taas ([the]Police beats[with truncheon] again) 1.52
  9. Rääväsuita ei haluta Suomeen (Loudmouths are not desired in Finland) 3.06
  10. Sotilaallinen tyhjiö (Military Vacuum) 3.40
  11. Kaljaa nuorille (Beer for the Youth) 2.54
  12. Suomi ryömii (Finland Crawls) 2.16
  13. Kuka ön Pertti Ström (Who is Pertti Ström?) 2.05
  14. (näin on) (so it is) 0.04