Akola–Ratlam (metre gauge trains)

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Service type passenger
Locale Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh
Current operator(s) Western Railway
Start Akola Junction
Stops 20
End Ratlam Junction
Distance travelled 300 km (190 mi)
Average journey time 17 hours
Service frequency Daily
On-board services

First Class, Sleeper 3 Tier, Unreserved

Chair Cars.
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements No
Catering facilities no
Baggage facilities seat side but on risk
Other facilities no facility
Operating speed 35 km/h (22 mph) average with halts

The Akola–Ratlam Passenger trains are metre gauge trains running between Akola in Maharashtra and Mhow railway station of Mhow in Madhya Pradesh. Remaining portion from Mhow to Ratlam is already converted to Broad Gauge.

Number and nomenclature[edit]

These are about 12 trains running between Indore and Ratlam on Broad Gauge route. These trains are generally known as "local trains" or broad gauge trains.

Coach composite[edit]

The classical maroon coloured coaches of the train with generally short space provide the rake and coach composite for these trains. These trains generally consist of about 14–18 Coaches:

  • 1 First Class
  • 3 Sleeper Reserved Class
  • 4 Unreserved Chair car
  • 7 Sleeper General Unreserved
  • 3 Luggage cum. Parcel van

Route and Halt[edit]

The trains run on metre gauge section of western railways up to Mhow. Remaining part of the line from Mhow to Ratlam is already converted to Broad Gauge The important halts of the trains are:

Average speed and frequency[edit]

The trains run on daily basis and with average speed of 30 km/h