Akola–Ratlam line

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The Akola–Ratlam rail line is a railway line in India linking Akola in Maharashtra with Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh.


The Akola-Ratlam metre gauge was opened in 1963. Dhulghat Spiral is a unique spiral located on this metre gauge section at around 2 kilometres from Dhulghat station towards Akola. It is also called 'Char Cha Akda' in Marathi and 'Char Ka Aankda' in Hindi.[1]

In 2008, the Union Cabinet approved the gauge conversion for the Ratlam-Mhow-Khandwa-Akola railway line of 472.64 km. The gauge conversion is in process. [2][3][4]

Loco Shed[edit]

Mhow Diesel Loco Shed and Ratlam Diesel Loco Shed are loco sheds on this line. These were earlier metre gauge sheds but are now converted to broad gauge sheds.[5][6][7]