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Akple (upper-right) and borbi tadi

Akple is a Ghanaian dish indigenous to the Ewe tribe of the Volta Region. Akple is whitish grey in color and mostly rolled into spherical ball, varying in diameter for the person whom the akple is going to be served to. The main ingredients for preparation are corn flour, cassava dough, salt and water. [1] [2] that was "traditionally eaten with the hands".[3]



Using a deep stainless steel saucepan, pour in water to about one third level of the final quantity you wish to prepare. Add a few tablespoons of corn flour, enough to make a light slurry. Put over medium flame and stir till the slurry begins to boil. Lower the flame and begin to sprinkle in more and larger quantities of corn flour. Continue to stir gradually while adding flour till the slurry becomes dough-like. Now, use your wooden spatula to knead the dough to smoothness. When smooth, remove any dough stuck to the sides of your pan and centre your dough. Add water around your "dough-in-pan-island", enough to almost cover the surface. Cover very well and allow to boil, allow boiling to ensure some even cooking and steaming of the dough bin the covered pan. Knead with spatula to incorporate the water into the dough to smoothness. Repeat centering, watering and kneading till your dough is soft and evenly cooked. Note, corn flour takes a while to cook evenly. You can also form a well in your "dough-island" and fill with water to ensure faster and more even cooking

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