AkroTech Aviation

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AkroTech Aviation
Privately held company
Industry Aerospace
Fate Out of business
Defunct after 1998
Products Kit aircraft

AkroTech Aviation, Inc. was an American aircraft manufacturer based in Scappoose, Oregon. The company specialized in the design and manufacture of kits for aerobatic aircraft. The company went out of business after 1998.[1][2]

The company's two designs, the single-seat Giles G-200 and the two-seat G-202 were built from composites. The company could also supply completed ready-to-fly aircraft for the Experimental - exhibition category.[1]


Giles G-202 performs
Summary of aircraft built by AkroTech Aviation
Model name First flight Number built Type
Giles G-200 At least 12 Single-seat composite aerobatic monoplane
Giles G-202 At least 26[3] Two-seats in tandem composite aerobatic monoplane


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