Aksai Chin Lake

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Aksai Chin Lake (Hindi: अक्साई चिन झील Aksā'ī cina jhīla, Chinese: 阿克赛钦湖; pinyin: Akesaiqin Hu) is an endorheic lake on the Aksai Chin Plateau. The plateau is considered by China as part of its national territory and is administered as part of Hotan County, Xinjiang. The lake is located just south of the Kunlun Mountains. It is approximately 15 km long and 6-8 km across. It is fed by the river of the same name.

China National Highway 219 passes some 20 km to the southwest of the lake on its way from Shiquanhe, Tibet to Yarkand, Xinjiang. The lake itself is within Hotan County of Xinjiang, but the eastern part of the basin that drains into it is within Rutog County, Tibet, as the official Xinjiang-Tibet border runs only about 20 km east of the lake.

Coordinates: 35°13′N 79°51′E / 35.217°N 79.850°E / 35.217; 79.850