Aksara Records

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Aksara Records
Founded 2004
Founder Hanindhito Siddharta
David Tarigan
Genre Pop / Rock / Indie pop / Electronica
Country of origin Indonesia
Location Jakarta
Official website http://www.aksararecords.com/

Aksara Records is Jakarta-based independent record label, founded in 2004 by Hanindhito Siddharta and David Tarigan. Its logo is a cartooned crow holding a beamed notes in its mouth.

The label name is hailing from Indonesian words "aksara" which in English means "alphabet".

Aksara Records is one of the largest independent music label in Indonesia. This record label was shut down by the owners, due to financial problems in 2009. All the remaining Mastered records in the label were given to the artists.

One of the co-owner of Aksara records, opened another independent label called Raksasa Records.


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