Akshayuk Pass

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Akshayuk Pass
Pangnirtung Pass
Mount Thor, Akshayuk Pass, Baffin Island.jpg
Mount Thor seen from Akshayuk Pass
Elevation 603 m (1,978 ft)[1]
Location Baffin Island
Range Baffin Mountains
Coordinates 66°40′2″N 65°7′50″W / 66.66722°N 65.13056°W / 66.66722; -65.13056Coordinates: 66°40′2″N 65°7′50″W / 66.66722°N 65.13056°W / 66.66722; -65.13056
Akshayuk Pass is located in Nunavut
Akshayuk Pass
Location of Akshayuk Pass

Akshayuk Pass , formerly known as Pangnirtung Pass, is a mountain pass in the Baffin Mountains, Nunavut, Canada.[2] It is part of the Auyuittuq National Park area.


Akshayuk Pass is located in Baffin Island's Cumberland Peninsula. It is a 100 km (62 mi) long mountain pass along a spectacular valley through the southern Baffin Mountains. Summit Lake is the highest point on the pass. .

Akshayuk Pass is an ancient riverbed that has eroded to its present size and shape providing a travel route through, and drainage for, glaciers that spill into the river valleys below.[3]

Akshayuk Pass from the air, November 2014

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