Aktar Wahed

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Aktar Wahed
اكتر واحد
Studio album by Amr Diab
Released 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Arabic Pop
Label Alam El Phan
Amr Diab chronology
Tamally Maak
Aktar Wahed
اكتر واحد

Allem Alby

Aktar Wahed (Arabic : أكتر واحد ), is a studio album by Amr Diab, and was released in 2001. Following the huge success of the previous album Tamally Maak, it contains 10 tracks, as the head of the album was "Wala Ala Balo". 'Aktar Wahed was released on 1 August 2001. The album received the World Music Award for the best-selling album in the Middle East for 2001.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Wala Ala Baloh
  2. Aktar Wahed (اكتر واحد)
  3. Kan Tayeb (كان طيب)
  4. Baed Ellayaly (بعد الليالي)
  5. Olt Eah (قولت إيه)
  6. Wala Lelah (ولا ليلة)
  7. Adeni Regetelek (أديني رجعتلك)
  8. Sadakny Khalas (صدقني خلاص)
  9. Ahebek (أحبك)
  10. Ya Habiby La (يا حبيبي لا)


  1. ^ The Rough Guide to Cairo & the Pyramids 1405386258 2011 p.208 "Egypt's foremost pop idol, Amr Diab, broke into the international market with the song “Nour el Ain”, released in 1996, and had another international hit in 2001 with “Aktar Wahed”. "