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Aktion Kinder des Holocaust also known by its initials AKdH is an international community of descendants of survivors of the Holocaust and World War II antifascist resistance, together with their relatives and friends.[1] It is constituted as a club under Article 60ff CC of Swiss law. It describes itself as an "association against anti-Semitism, racism and political extremism." Its name translates as Action (by) Children of the Holocaust.

It was founded in 1991 around an interdisciplinary research project associated with the University of Basel, Switzerland . It is a partner and resource provider to the interdisciplinary research project "VIOLENCE youth" at the University of Basel. It is associated with the research project "Right-wing youths in Switzerland".

Its principal aim is to document and counter right-wing extremist youth in Switzerland. It assesses extremist individuals on web forums and chatrooms to look for insecure adolescents who might be turned from their extremist views. It then engages with target individuals and eventually arranges face-to-face contact.[1]

It maintains an extensive web archive of antisemitic views in the media and on the web. It puts pressure on Internet service providers to remove neo-Nazi websites.[2]

It criticized the work of Brazilian political cartoonist Carlos Latuff in 2002 for a cartoon depicting a Jewish boy in the Warsaw Ghetto saying "I am Palestinian".[3] It sued the Independent Media Center (IMC, also known as Indymedia) of Switzerland on the charge of antisemitism. The reason was a cartoon of Latuff's We are all Palestinians series, published in Swiss IMC website, which depicted a Jewish boy in the Warsaw Ghetto saying: "I am Palestinian."[4][5][6] The criminal proceedings were suspended by Swiss court.[7]

Notable supporters are the writers Peter Bichsel and Mariella Mehr, the historian Heiko Haumann (de), the Israeli journalists François Loeb and Uri Avnery.


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