Akciabrski District

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Akciabrski Rajon
Акцябрскі раён
Location of Aktsyabar Raion on the map of Gomel Region.
??? p/km²
Area 1386 км²
Cities 1
Settlements 75

Akciabrski District, Akciabrski Rajon (Belarusian: Акцябрскі раён) is an administrative subdivision, a raion of Gomel Region, in southern Belarus, with capital Akciabrski.

Its rural territory includes 8 selsoviets (rural districts): Акцябрскі, Валосавіцкі, Ламавіцкі, Любанскі, Ляскавіцкі, Парэцкі, Пратасаўскі, Чырвонаслабодскі.


At the time of the Belarus Census (2009), Akciabrski Raion had a population of 15,989. Of these, 95.1% were of Belarusian, 2.8% Russian and 1.0% Ukrainian ethnicity. 90.8% spoke Belarusian and 7.6% Russian as their native language.

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Coordinates: 52°38′35″N 28°52′56″E / 52.64306°N 28.88222°E / 52.64306; 28.88222