Akun Island

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Akun Island is located in Alaska
Akun Island
Location in Alaska
Akun Island basalt sea cave

Akun Island (Aleut: Akungan[1]) is one of the Fox Islands subgroup of the Aleutian Islands in Aleutians East Borough of southwestern Alaska, USA. It lies east of Akutan Island and southwest of Unimak Island across the Unimak Pass. The Krenitzin Islands lie to its south and southeast across the Avatanak Strait. Akun Island has a land area of 64.39 sq mi (166.77 km²), 22.57 kilometres (14.02 mi) long, 18.2 kilometres (11.3 mi) wide and is unpopulated save construction workers and a few hermits who control the cattle.

Akun Island is home to a small but significant population of cows. They are no longer domesticated but the population is controlled. Three domesticated horses also inhabit the island, along with a single dog. There is a runway there, built by Kiewit, R&M Consultants, and DOT.

With the cessation of amphibious airplane service to Akutan in 2012, the airstrip on Akun Island was upgraded to become Akutan's primary airport. The airport is connected to Akutan by a hovercraft, which cannot operate safely when winds are too strong or waves are too high. The airport features a small hotel, which is used when flights arrive at the airport yet the hovercraft to Akutan is unable to run.[2]


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Coordinates: 54°11′18″N 165°31′43″W / 54.18833°N 165.52861°W / 54.18833; -165.52861