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Akurana (Sinhalese: අකුරණ, Tamil: அக்குரணை) is a suburb of the city of Kandy in the Kandy district of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The town is situated 125 km (77 Miles) from Colombo and 10 km (6 Miles) from the City of Kandy. Akurana lies near Katugastota town, along the A9 high way. The Akurana area consists of small villages lie in both sides of the A9 high way. Akurana area came under the local government authority of the Akurana Pradeshiya Sabhawa in late 1980s and it includes the villages of Alawathugoda, Dunuwila, Malgamandeniya and Dippitiya.

Geographically, it is surrounded by hills and rivers. The Balapitiya Oya, a tributary of Pinga Oya river, runs through Akurana.[1] Majority of the population are ethnic Moors. Akurana belongs to the Harispattuwa Electorate. Akurana was represented in Parliament by one of the former Foreign Ministers Hon. Late. Alhaj. Dr. A C S Hameed, for more than 33 years without interruption.

The majority of the people in the town speak Tamil, English and Sinhala. The language spoken by Akurana moors is called Arwi. Nowadays people in Akurana mostly speak Tamil.


According to Sri Lankan history, this city was presented to the Muslim community by a Sinhalese King for bravery and support of Muslim men in war.[citation needed]


It has a relatively cool climate because of its location in the central hills. Average day time temperature is 25 °C and the night is 19 °C. In December the mercury drops to ave. 19 °C with heavy mist covers during dawn.


Akurana is a Moorish majority town. The Moors are all predominantly Muslim. There are sizable communities belonging to other ethnic groups, such as Buddhist Sinhalese and Hindu Tamil living in peace.


There are two national schools in Akurana namely, Azhar College and Akurana Zahira College. Akurana Muslim Balika College is the only government Muslim girls colleges in Akurana. There are many other junior level in Akurana. Akurana is home to many English medium private schools and private vocational institute.


Akurana is an economically developed town compared to other towns in Kandy districts.[citation needed] A handful of Akuranites are involved in manufacturing business. There are lots professional living in Akurana and they are engaged in their professional careers such as Doctors, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Professors, Diplomats and Scientist.

The migrant population is another important factor, contributing to the economical development of Akurana. There are many individuals and families originally from Akurana living all over the world. An especially the high migrant population lives in Europe and GCC. The other major countries are North America, Japan, South Africa and Botswana.


There are four conventional banks and two interest-free banks operating in the Akurana town.


Zia Hospital is the only government hospital operating in Akurana providing free health care to the public which was opened by the late Pakistani President Hon. Zia Ul Haq in the regime of Late Sri Lankan President Hon. J.R.Jayawardane. There is one private Hospital called Royal Care Hospital in Akurana.

Environmental Issues[edit]

The waste management of Akurana town has improved comparing to the past and it's because of the efficiency of the waste management board and the support given by the people of Akurana.


Akurana is strategically located in the A9 highway which makes it an easily accessible town. Public transport is freely available, as many long route buses pass through Akurana. Nearest Railway station is in Katugastota, which is 4.5 km away.

  • A9 highway connects Akurana with Kandy & Matale cities.


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